Officers feel vindicated after court rules against inquests

“LAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) — The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shooting deaths of Erik Scott and Trevon Cole in 2010 prompted the Clark County Commission to change how law enforcement officers are investigated when involved in someone’s death. ”

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Nevada Supreme Court Strikes Down Coroner’s Inquest

“The Nevada Supreme Court threw out Clark County’s system for investigating deaths in which law enforcement officers are involved, but rejected Nevada Highway Patrol officers’ contention that the process violated their constitutional rights, according to a unanimous decision released Thursday.”

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Three police officers want revamped coroner’s inquest halted

Three Las Vegas police officers facing the first revamped coroner’s inquest filed legal paperwork late Monday asking a judge to halt the hearing on constitutional grounds.”

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Police union says changes to the coroner’s inquest unconstitutional

The Las Vegas Police Protective Association filed legal action Tuesday to halt changes to the coroner’s inquest process that it deems unconstitutional, specifically the introduction of an ombudsman to represent victims’ families.

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The [Anti-Defamation] League also presented the Daniel R. Ginsberg Leadership Award to five exceptional young regional leaders

The [Anti-Defamation] League also presented the Daniel R. Ginsberg Leadership Award to five exceptional young regional leaders: Amy Altshuler of Phoenix; Tracy Grossman of Boca Raton, Florida; Michael Puma of Philadelphia; Josh Reisman of Las Vegas; and Robyn Steinberg of Boston.”

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Court puts limits on Fair Housing Act litigation

“In a case closely monitored by multifamily developers and disabled rights advocates across the country, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the right to sue over violations of the Fair Housing Act expires two years after a project’s completion.

The court heard the case of Garcia v. Brockway with all 11 judges on March 25 and issued a 9-2 decision Tuesday, reaffirming a 2-1 decision by a court panel in September.”

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Anatomy of Garcia V. Brockway: My Case That Could Go to The United States Supreme Court…But I Sure Hope It Doesn’t

“I am currently awaiting the filing of a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari in the case of Garcia v. Brockway, 526 F.3d 456 (9th Cir. 2008). Having prevailed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, I am researching the procedures and timing for the opposition that I intend to file. I am also preparing my application for admission to practice before the Supreme Court. While most lawyers would probably be excited about the possibility of arguing before the Supreme Court, I am not. Instead, I feel like Sisyphus, with Garcia v. Brockway as my boulder.

The Boulder: The significance of Garcia v. Brockway
In law school, we fantasize about cases like Garcia – cases that involve issues of first impression on matters of genuine public importance. I have learned, however, that in reality, such cases are gruelingand humbling. They try your soul.”

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Court dismisses suit over Foothill valedictorian’s speech

“The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has dismissed a federal lawsuit filed over an interrupted valedictory speech at Foothill High School in 2006.

Brittany McComb filed the lawsuit against Schools Superintendent Walt Rulffes, the school’s principal and others after the microphone was unplugged during her speech at the school’s graduation on June 15, 2006. The speech was stopped when she began talking about Jesus Christ and her Christian faith.

Administrators said she was proselytizing, which they had warned her not to do.

In a two-page memorandum, a panel of the appeals court dismissed the suit, saying the “defendants did not violate McComb’s free speech and free exercise rights”

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Golden Gaming faces legal challenge

“Only a little more than a year after forming, conflict of interest issues may be brewing for Golden Gaming Inc. The company, which owns 20 valley PT’s Pubs, as well as slot route operator Golden Route Operations [GRO], was recently served with a countersuit from a local small casino operator, and former GRO client, who, among other things, alleges GRO gave preferential treatment to its PT’s Pub locations, while not providing adequate service to its machines.

The original complaint was filed in December, 2002 in the Clark County District Court by Golden Gaming, alleging that Stage Door Inc., owners of the Stage Door Casino, near the intersection of Flamingo Road and Koval Lane, wrongfully removed GRO’s gaming devices from the casino in breach of the participation agreement between the two entities, according to statements made in the suit.”

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Clark County Bar Association

“After law school, I shopped around a bit, searching for inspiration and the right fit for my budding legal career: a two-year clerkship; a mid-sized commercial-litigation firm; a boutique real-estate-transactional firm. I eventually settled in a large, established Nevada firm, practicing government affairs, zoning, and land use. I had found my calling, and I was secure – at least I thought so. In February of 2009, however, after three years with the large Nevada firm, I was laid off – a casualty of the downturn in the economy. In one short meeting, my entire life had changed; and at the time, I was sure the change was not for the better. I was upset and lost! I had no idea what I was going to do. Jobs were non-existent.”

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